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Blakes Pets

Chinchilla Dust


Bathing Dust for Chinchillas will ensure your chinchilla stays clean and grease free without causing any harm to your pet.


Back 2 Nature Small Animal Bedding 30 Litres is specially formulated bedding and litter made from recycled paper, with no additives or chemicals.


Tumblefresh is an absorbent, super-safe bedding for all small animals.


Supreme Choice Straw Supreme Choice Straw is a dust extracted quality product.


Supreme Natural Supasoft Bedding is made from the highest quality barley straw.


Safebed paper wool bedding for small animals is suitable for nesting. Made from long strands, it can be torn to the length required.


This product is mainly used for small animals. It is a soft and warm nesting material which also has good absorbing properties.


This product is best used for hamster bedding, but it can be also used for most small animals.


Animal Dreams Compressed Lemon Shaving Bale is an ideal bedding for small animals.

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