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Blakes boilie overs.


Blakes baits

Coco-Pex Wafters 15mm

£5.49 £2.99

Washed out Pink in Colour with a Coconut & Scopex flavour. Critically balanced with a size 8 to 10 hook, adjust accordingly.

£6.99 £2.99

Pop-ups designed to match the Coco Pex boilie range. A Needle friendly and carefully colour matched.

£4.99 £2.99

Dumbell baits given an extra boost of flavour. The dumbell shape is something different to the usual round boilie, thus often resulting in out witting the wiliest of carp. 14 x 18mm in size, sold in a 250 ml tub.


A Readymade Shelf Life Boilie

Blakes baits

Mainline Pop-Ups


Mainline Pop-up's, approx. 50 in a tub.


Available in tubs of approx. 60.


Blakes baits

Korda Chodsafe

£18.99 £13.99

Chod rig storage case, holds up to 28 pre tied chod rigs in both short and long length.

Out of stock

Blakes baits

Korda Mini Rigsafe

£17.99 £12.99

Rig storage case, holds up to 60 pre-tied rigs.

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