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Blakes baits

Dynamite Swim Stim


Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Amino Original groundbait.


The perfect accompaniment to the rest of the Marine Halibut range. It features the same powerful attractants as the pellets and is ideal for plugging the ends of cage feeders when loading them with pellets.


Dynamite Baits Silver X Feeder groundbait formulated to attract Carp, Tench & Bream, for use on Lakes, Canals and Rivers.


Dynamite Baits Silver X Feeder - Explosive Mix groundbait formulated to attract Chub, Barbel, Carp, Roach & Bream.


Dynamite Baits Silver X River groundbait formulated for use on rivers.


Dynamite Baits Silver X Bream groundbait formulated to attract Bream, for use on Lakes and Rivers.

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