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Pure Green Lip Mussel Extract. Betaine rich attractor from New Zealand.

Liquid & Attractors



Betaine is a natural ingredient, rich in amino acids and naturally sweet.

Blakes baits

Robin Red 200g


This product is sourced from Haiths and is the original Robin Red® that has helped anglers catch so many fish down the years.

Liquid & Attractors

Pure Krill 750g


Krill (Pure Krill)is known to be an excellent carp bait ingredient that will undoubtedly help catch other coarse fish.

Liquid & Attractors

Liver Powder 150g


Pure Liver Powder , rich in amino acids. Great for use in boilie mixes and pastes.


Intense sweetener with added betaine.


Himalayan Rock Salt a great natural attractor full of minerals which will give you edge.


Ready to go Nut base mix.


Ready to go fish meal base mix.

Blakes baits

Garlic Powder 200g


The well know fish attractor Garlic in a pure powdered form. Use in boilie making or in spod/particle mixes.


Hemp protein powder. Full of amino's, great for use in boilie making or add to stick or spod mixes for added attraction.

Blakes baits

Tiger Nut Flour


Fine ground Tiger Nut Flour.


Easy to roll 50/50 Base Mix for boilie making.

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Blakes baits

Aniseed Powder 150g


The well know fish attractor Aniseed in a pure powdered form.

Match Range

Pure Flavourings


Flavourings used to add to your boilie mixes of used on pellets particles.

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