We have access to many high quality ingredients, allowing many different combinations of bait. If you wish to create your own bait, it is not a problem, with the many options we can give you that uniqueness that you require.


You have many options when it comes to creating your own bait, from building your own base mix, attractor system, colors and flavors, or using our proven base mixes and attractor packages and building into it your own color and flavor requirements .

All base mixes are proven carp catchers and we are often asked to change are standard boilie range by adding a different attractor or flavor or producing the same bait but in a different color. For example the Nut Mix has been made for some customers in the following colors, black, white and red rather than the natural color we generally produce. The Nut Mix we normally produce has a Scopex and Peach flavor but we have also used Maple Cream & Condensed Milk, Scopex and Tangerine and Cranberry just to name a few.

So if you wish to individualize your bait just let us know. We can also offer advice on flavor combinations and quantities of ingredients to use in your mix. For custom baits we require a minimum of a 5 Kg order of a particular size which can be from 10mm to 24mm. Pricing is the same as for our standard range of baits with 10 & 12mm being £1.00 a Kg more.

  • 5Kg + £7.00 per Kg
  • 10Kg + £6.75 per Kg
  • 20Kg + £6.00 per Kg
  • 50Kg to 100Kg £5.50 per Kg

We also keep blank unflavoured pop-ups which can be flavoured to match your bait if they are the same colour as baits in our range in 15mm or 18mm, these are priced at £5.49 per pot. We do not make single pots of pop-ups.


As with boilies we have an extensive particle range in stock with access to many other particles from our suppliers. If you have a particular particle mix you require please let us know and we will do are best to fulfill your request.

Our range of pellets is huge so if you would like a specific mix put together for you give us a call. Pricing will depend on the choice of pellets and the amount required. In tune with our normal pellet pricing the more you buy the cheaper the price per Kg.

Pellets are normally sent out in sacks but can be packaged in buckets, camo or green at an extra cost if you prefer.