The year long wait is finally over and we are pleased to announce that the highly anticipated HNV PRO is now available for pre-order. Delivery will be from the 30th May onwards.
The HNV PRO is an old fashioned recipe designed to feed carp with all the nutrients they need, whilst containing the finest liquid and powdered attractors known in the industry but often forgotten due to rising costs of modern materials. Our brief was simple, we wanted to make a HNV bait that will work all year round and we would not compromise on the ingredients that the designers wanted. We asked for bait that is very different to other mass produced boilies and one that will stand the test of time but more importantly, it must have the full ingredients listed on every bag to prove to our customers the exact make-up of the bait and show that we are committed to honesty and high quality. The man responsible for the finished article has been in the trade for over 30 years and has worked on many of the major brands in the UK during that time. The team here at Blakes decided to make the basemix in house in 25kg batches just to make sure that every single kilo is exactly the same as the last and this is just another step towards making this as consistent as humanly possible. The bait contains Fishmeals, Casein, Yeasts, Blood plasma, whey gel, tru soy, kelp, glm (in good quantitites), liver, minamino and in total there are 20 different ingredients that make up this mix topped off by a brilliant new fruit powder palatant we have stumbled on during our hunt for pop-up additives and enhancers for the Power Lifter range. It has taken so long to get the bait into mainstream production simply because the nature of this old school mix is not machine friendly and we were not prepared to change the ingredients. Only fresh eggs are used in its production and no unneccessary bulkers have been added unlike many baits availible today. Blakes has been renowned for offering baits suitable for all budgets but on this occasion we have invested in a bait designed for those anglers who have perhaps dabbled in making their own or struggle to find a real HNV bait for long term use, yet we are keeping this bait priced under £11.00. Make no mistake this is the real deal, no lies, no cut corners, no false claims no huge marketing budget just an incredibly well thought out bait from the days when cost was not priority. It will retail for £10.99 per Kg or £10.00 per Kg on orders over 20Kg. All the accessories will be available as per our other Boilie ranges. Initially only available in 15 and 20mm fresh/frozen and shelf life. If you need any convincing as to the baits effectiveness then just go back through our facebook results from the 8 dedicated guys that we gave it to .Kempys Linear at 48lb in January to Zak,Russ Webbs Orchid winter 30s, Gavins two UK 50s and several 40s, plus all the other guys results in the freezing conditions over 2017/18 are all there to see!!
We at Blakes are very proud of the HNV PRO and have worked hard to inject a new outlook on bait and we are only just getting started…..Watch this space!

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