9.lee-whitfieldLee attempts to get bank-side for a night at least once a week doing a longer session once a month. He is a bailiff for the South West Lakes Trust and is out walking his local waters at least twice a week keeping his eyes out for fish and also checking tickets. Carp fishing is a total passion in his life as well as his family and MUFC !!

He fishes in France every other year with a European PB of 64lb. His eye for detail is one of his strengths there for instance he can’t cast out without two pieces of foam wrapped around the hook and hair in case of a tangle or weed no matter how many times it takes him to hit the mark !!!

He likes a nice big spread of bait getting the carp feeding with confidence rather than a bit bait here and there. The attention he pays to the detail of his rigs pays dividends and definitely put a few more fish on the bank. His UK PB is 41.10lb.