6.gavin-nealGavin has been fishing for over 30 years with the last twenty being predominantly in pursuit of carp. He generally fishes 24 to 48hrs every other week enjoys all types of waters from small pressured ponds through to huge inland seas and rivers.

He tries to target fish that have history and are hard to catch but yet still enjoys getting a few runs from day ticket waters. He is a very sociable angler and enjoy fishing with friends and not taking life too seriously!. He loves the variety of baits we have access to and is just as happy fishing with pellets and particles as he is fishing boilies.

He has a UK PB Mirror of 49.4lb and Common of 48.4lb and 80.8lb from abroad. He has managed several fisheries over the years and has always been happiest in the great outdoors. For nearly a decade he has been involved with Blakes and has been instrumental in the formulation of a number of the baits in our range today.